On the Loop of Inaction, and of course, Nike ✅
A deep-er dive into habits, identity and Resistance
On occasion, saying "yes" could cost you your happiness. Let's dive into the opposite and much-feared response, "no".
Welcome to the crying-but-laughing club : )
It's eh and ugh. But we need the guy. We really do.
Healing is such a pain in the ass. Here's a quick cure for all of your problems! A direct pathway to love! -pizza alert!-
Brief encounters with people you'll never see again
I lived two years with a lovely Italian girl & this is a love letter to her
I wish I was a dog sometimes. Sniffing other doggies' butts and that's it, no more complicated stuff.
I am a baby. I'm moving to the States. I'm still a baby, I don't know what I'm doing. Send help!
It's raining in South Florida & I don't want to be wet
Every day you wake up. Until you don't.