When will it be enough? Chronic Dissatisfaction: friend or foe?
Whether it's a project, a belief system or a lie, it will rule and color your life.
I've been building my nest and observing my guest. By "guest" I mean myself. Yes, I'm calling myself a guest.
The world is an unpredictable beast I would like to pet, not to tame
Going from friend to boyfriend to fiancé to husband is a rollercoaster I would hop on any given day. Here's a little love letter about & to my life…
52. imposter syndrome + a conversation with gabi abrão (@sighswoon) Listen now (80 min) | Yes, I do suffer from it. We all do, let's move on. An hour and twenty minutes of conversation with Gabi! Covering feeling sexy …
In the realm of writing methods, there is one called the channel method.
Here I am, giving some thought to parent-child relationships and trying to fathom the kind of parent I'd like to be. Sound good? Wanna join?
We're in LA, the air is fresh. I observe.
You have one, I have one, and guess what? everyone has a unique face! Whether you like your face or not, that's the facade of your spaceship of…
Ten (10!!!) recipes you can try for yourself when you're blocked. I've tried them all and if one doesn't work, the next one will.
The battles & consequences of the ruminating mind aka being Blocked + a new interpretation of J.Lo's hit