It could be a song, but it's just newsletter n.69 : *pregnancy alert inside*
Reconciling with all that we cannot understand
You can consider this a guided meditation.
An accident, a stain, a lesson, and Ann Patchett.
We have them. They're on our bellies and they look like buttons and I feel like giving them some attention. Sounds good?
Slow ideas & a possible end of the world
It's eh and ugh. But we need the guy. We really do.
And thinking isn't writing... but, uhm, it's pretty pretty pretty close?
Wanna learn something about the human nature while having a good time? Here's your golden ticket. ALERT! if you're a flat earther, this is your trigger…
Yeah, I've learned stuff, let me share it with you.
Healing is such a pain in the ass. Here's a quick cure for all of your problems! A direct pathway to love! -pizza alert!-
Is it two sides of the same coin? I'm here for both, I want the whole coin.